what makes us different

Publications usually charge thousands for a single advertisement that lasts no more than a day, often overlooked. At SK we will charge one flat monthly rate and guarantee you advertisements up to every single day on every one of our eight papers, for a fraction of the cost. Eight papers that cover almost all topics & genres from news and sport, to tech and lifestyle. We have it all.

We do not use Google Ads in our back-end system, and have the ability to centralize and target your desired demographic by means of our state-of-the-art technology. Which therefore means that your ads will no longer have that cluttered feel with all those x’s and spam all over the page. Its a clean crisp feel which will make your business stand out.

You will receive automatic monthly reports for you to view the progress of impressions, clicks and interest, thus giving you the information as to the success of your target market.

We have the technology to navigate readers to all social platforms as well. No need for a website, we will send them to any social platform(s) of your choosing.

Our editors have relationships with many social media ‘influencers’ that will frequently feature in our papers, thus driving astronomical traffic to all of our papers where your ads are sure to be seen.